This may be the last chance to exchange your UK driving license to a Spanish one in case of a hard Brexit on 31st October 2019. A UK license would probably not be valid for Spanish residents and non-residents may require an international driving license which is easily available for instant issue at designated British Post Offices.

Also British residents in Spain should ensure they have their health provision sorted out. Either by obtaining a SIP card for pensioners or for people under pension age applying to the Generalitat de Valencia for public health cover by paying a monthly contribution under the special convention. This is a cheaper alternative to private health cover.

Also all residents should be on the Padron with their local council. This gives proof that they have lived in the area. For benefits under the Law of Dependency which covers social care (home care,places in government funded nursing homes etc.) foreign residents must be able to prove they have lived in Spain for 5 years to be eligible.