UPDATE From 17th November people over 60 are being called for a 3rd dose of Covid vaccine. As announced by Spanish President Pedro Sanchez.

People over 60 and pregnant women, are invited to make an appointment at their health centre from 27th October to 14th November.

People over 65 and other high risk or special groups can make an appointment from 15th November.

People over 60 and those with conditions causing immune deficiency such as having a transplant, dialysis and cancer treatment are advised to have a third Covid booster dose 6 months after their 2nd dose. It may be given in your health centre along with the flu vaccine.

You can make an appointment (cita) online from a computer at: http://www.san.gva.es/cita_previa/citaprevia_general_cas.html

Or from an android mobile phone installing the app GVA Salut and using either cl@ve or scan the barcode on your SIP card.