The GVA Housing Rental Aid for 2021 Search “TECE GVA”

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This is for people in economic difficulties, due ERTE, unemployment, self employed and others who have seen their income reduce drastically due to Covid.

You can either apply electronically either without certificate This will generate a page or fichero which you should save in favourites to go back to over a maximum of 10 days to complete.

To obtain Referencia Catastral go to:

Or with permanent cl@ve for professionals.

Otherwise by downloading, filling in forms and sending them off

There are 3 forms;

Anexo 1 application,

Anexo 2 for a representative if using one.

Bank Details Form stating ID used, either NIE/Residencia or passport. A copy of this must be included.

There are links to download fill and sign forms on above page.

You can apply for aid backdated to April 2020, but total is only for six months. Maximum 650 per month.

A single person getting less than 3 times IPREM about 1500 euros a month can apply, provided the rent plus services bill comes to more than 35% of monthly income.

Limits etc depend on size of household, if there is disabled person etc.

Only one application per household/ Unidad Convivencia, made by Titular of contract.

Documents required:

If on ERTE a certificate from the person handling your benefit stating your your monthly ERTE payment.

Certificate from SEPE of benefits received. There is a link to SEPE to obtain that, by telephone PIN.

If self employed a certificate from Agencia tributaria or SEPE demonstrating cease of activities.

Proof of last 3 months of rental paid.(Or from beginning of contract if less than 3 months).

Rental contract that must be for at least a year. It should state the rent and also the form it has to be paid. ie cash bank transfer etc.

Volante historico de empadronamiento which will include the family members.

If you can not provide any document you must write a statement in Spanish explaining why you can not.

It does say that the local councils could help you fill in the form electronically. You would have to make an appointment at Bienestar Social and have someone with you who speaks Spanish.

You can send them to the office below from the Ayuntamiento Benidorm PROP office Foietes, in Av Beniarda 79, Opposite Cuartel of Guardia Civil. Or the PROP office of you Ayuntamiento.

It is easy to get an appointment using the link below and choosing the option Generalitat.!/es/home?uuid=4a86-87ca8-9257-816be

They scan them in so if using passport etc you will probably need photocopy.

Address to send documents.


If you do get the benefit you have up to 3 months after it ends to send to GVA justificantes/receipts or bank info. that you have paid the rent to the landlord.

If you are filling the forms in on a smartphone you need to have a free PDF Fill and Sign App such as PDF Extra