At present is seems the only office doing TIE for UK nationals is in Calle de la Ebanistería, 4, 03008 Alicante

BREXIT New TIE cards for UK Nationals.
to change or not to change that is the question. If you are UK passport holder and have permanent EU green card residencia you do not need to change to the new TIE tarjeta de indentificación de extrranjero. Foreigner´s Identification Card. However it may help with travel visas and official procedures if you do get the TIE. If you have only a temporary 5 year green EU residencia card you will have to exchange it for a TIE. You will have two years to do it.
The office of the President of Spain La Moncloa has a 36 page English guide.…/Doc…/GUIDE%20BREXIT%20eng.pdf

The British government has given a grant to a multicultural organisation in Alicante city called Babelia to help UK nationals with the Brexit transition. They do hold meetings around the province from time to time. You can contact them for advice.

+34 865 82 02 29 or visit their website by clicking HERE

To apply to get the TIE card you need to make an appointment (click appointment)

Choose Alicante province and then Police if you want to exchange you Green EU residencia certificate.. You will see the Brexit option at the bottom of the drop down menu.

If it is a fists application for residencia choose Extranjeria. Appointments may not be available yet.

Before you make appointment there are links to the forms you must fill out to take with you.

For relatives of UK nationals living here on the basis of the UK passport of their relative, there is an option for them under Police.

One tip. To get an appointment, go on line early(7 to 8 am) weekdays when new appointments are released.

Please ask question to Babelia not Help as they are the experts.

When you go to your appointment, make sure you bring the correct supporting documentation which is:

NIE foreigners identification number. If you dont have one you should first make an appointment above with Police to get one.

People not working require proof of income and proof of full health cover with no exclusions or copayments.

If you have been on the padron for more than a year you can get government cover known as Convenio Especial This costs 60 euros a month under 65 years of age and 157 euros a month over 65.

· Proof of income·

Proof of healthcare cover·

Your padron·

Your passport·

2 photos

If you have never made a residency application use form EX 20

If you already have a green residency card either temporary or permanent use form EX23

Remember to take photocopies of all documents.

· The payment form with proof the payment has been taken.

Fill in the form online. Print it off and take it to your bank to pay, and take receipts with you for appointment.

The only payment form available online is for the National Police, Tasa Modelo 790 codigo 12 click HERE