Financial Aid from Social Security, Ingreso Minimo Vital. This benefit is available to anyone of working age with low income who has lived in Spain for a year or more and is signed on at PuntLabora/Sepe as demandante de empleo (looking for work). INGRESO MINIOMO VITAL You can claim if your monthly income falls below a threshold, depending on the number of people in your household. For a single person it is 459 euros a month, for a couple with no children it is about 600 euros a month. For a couple with 1 child it is about 740 euros and for a couple with 3 children it is about 1000 euros. It is designed to top up your benefit to these levels. It does take months to process.

In theory you can do it on a mobile phone or computer, however it is difficult to upload your Residencia NIE on a phone and some PC/laptop browsers, though it seems to work with Firefox. Other documents can be uploaded later if needed.

There is a simulator to see if you are eligible or you can go straight to the application, either with cl@ve or sin certificado. You can apply even if you are getting paro or other earnings as long as they dont exceed the limit. One application should be made for the whole household. You can other members on the form as long as they have lived in Spain for a year.

If unemployed you should be signed on at Punt Labora. If you have never signed on you should make an appointment for first time clicking on 1a Cita. Otherwise you can do the ALTA online with your NIE and telephone PIN code. If you have forgotten it, you can get it sent to the phone you registered with.