If you would like to volunteer with us please come to our Thursday morning meetings where you can become a member for 8 euros a year and speak to members of the committee about which roles you would be interested in.

This is a list of the possible roles but it is not exhaustive.

  • Befriender, visiting vulnerable or housebound people at home or in hospital.
  • Helping at the weekly meetings setting up boutique etc.
  • Driver, people who have a car are always needed to drive people with mobility problems to appointments.
  • Interpreters who speak fluent English and Spanish.
  • Fundraisers and event organisers to assist committee members in these events.
  • Administrative and IT skills. We need a deputy to help with website and Facebook administration as well as other administrative tasks.

If you would like to organise, sponsor or host a fundraising event for Help please speak to the president on 607387040.