How to download your EU Covid Vaccine Certificate with QR Code

On a computer go to:

Once you have filled in your details you can print it off or save it by clicking Imprimir/print and then Save to PDF.

You can either print it off or email it to yourself, open email on your phone and download the PDF to phone memory. It is easier to do on a computer than on a smartphone. You may have difficulty opening file on a smartphone. Make sure you have an app to read PDF such as Adobe Acrobat. If not download from App store.

On an Android smartphone download the GVA Coronavirus App. (With iPhones you may get a security notice forbidding you to proceed)

1. Enter your SIP number and date of birth.

2. You will be asked if you want to protect it with a code. You can press Ahora no/Not now.

3. At the bottom press info. (Cita is if you have Covid symptoms).

4. Halfway down left, select web vacunacion.

5 .Choose Certificado Covid UE, then again Solicitar Certificado Covid EU. Then choose Certificado de Vacunacion. (There are other options for non-vaccinated, see below)

6. Enter your SIP, Date of Birth and date of issue of SIP card. This is shown on your SIP card under data d’emissio mm/yy. Then introduce security letters shown.

7. It will show last 3 digits of you mobile number. If correct press Enviar SMS. If incorrect select Modificar Datos de Contacto. ( You can only do this if you have digital signature Cl@ve) If you don’t have cl@ve you will have to correct your phone number at your health centre,

8. You will get a code sent by text message to your phone. Enter it and press Consultar.

9. It will then allow you to download a PDF certificate to your phone. It will appear on your phone under downloads or files according to your type of phone. You need PDF reader to open it, see above.

You can get a certificate after having had only one dose of a two vaccine course,

If you have not had Covid vaccine you can get two other types of certificate.

Certificate of having had PCR test in last 72 hours or having had Anitgen test (eg lateral Flow) in last 48 hours.

Or Certificate of having had Covid Infection in last year. This becomes valid 11 days after having a positive PCR test.


There may be available appointments in Benidorm at Calle Callosa de’n Sarria 2 ( Near Clinica Benidorm) for UK nationals wishing to swap the green EU residents cards for TIE cards, bu they may be fully booked. However there are currently (11th June )appointments for following week at C. Ebanistería in Alicante.

For more information see our page TIE and Residencia

TIE are foreigners registration cards for non EU passport holders resident in Spain.
Use this link to get an appointment.

Choose province first, Alicante, then Policia Nacional and NOT Extranjería.

Leave Offina as cualquiera officina ( any office).In the dropdown menu choose the option ending in Brexit. You can choose between Benidorm, Alicante and other locations as they become available.

You need passport, padron cert, and old green EU card. If you have lost it, you should go to the National Police and make a denuncia and get a letter. In Benidorm you can go to the English speaking tourist police office SATE, Ave. Derramador corner of Calle Gerona opposite Hotel Flash.

You need originals and a copy. Also a passport photo.
You must bring EX23 form completed
as well as payment form 790  Tick this option; “Certificado de registro de residente comunitario o Tarjeta de residencia de familiar de un ciudadano de la Unión”. Take it to the bank to pay the fee of 12 euros.

Update Contact Details with Sanitat to Receive Covid Vaccine Appointment

You should update your contact details (telephone and email) to make sure Sanitat can contact you when it is your turn for a vaccine.You need SIP Card Number, Date of Birth, and Date of Issue and typing in the Security Code. Validate the data then input your phone numbers (Spanish phone numbers only) and email address. Then press ENVIAR. You will get a message back to say it has been done correctly. NB Sanitat recommends you use updated browsers of Microsoft Edge, Safari, or Firefox to avoid problems.

If you can not do it online you can do it at the reception of your health centre.

Benidorm Council has announced a new benefit from 13th Feb for people financially affected by Covid. 3 months aid from 200 to 350 per month.

Apply at :

At the bottom of the above page are the application form and bank details form that you must download and fill in.

Or if you can not do it online you can make an appointment at one of the councils administrative extension offices at: and bring the two forms and documents required with you.

The aid is for 3 months and starts at 200 euros a month to 350 euros, depending on family size. It is available for people who have an income less than 1129,86 a month with increased threshold according to circumstances.
To claim you can not be receiving other benefits: eg PEI, IMV, rent aid from GVA. You must have been on the Benidorm Padron since 31st Dec 2020.
Your income must have been reduced because of unemployment, ERTE, reduced hours or if autonomo to have ceased trading from any period from March 2020 up to date of claim.
If you go to the webpage, at the bottom you must download and fill and sign application and bank detail form, then go to the top of page and Click Iniciar to do the claim online. There is a list of documents to attach. You should attach all of them that is relevant to you. If you cant do it online, fill in the two forms and take them with all relevant documents to an appointment at the council office.

On the online form you should only write in Spanish. egExpone. Estoy en paro, recibo 350 euros al mes.Solicito La Ayuda de Familia.

You have to upload or take with you to the appointment the following documents:

Application form and Bank detail form.

DNI or NIE or Passport of all household members.

Vida Laboral Informe/ Employment history from Social Security. Choose option SMS to use you Telephone PIN.

A certificate of Benefits from SEPE.

Or a letter from your employer stating the amount of ERTE you get.

Proof of family unit eg Libro de Family,

or put explanation why people empadronado in the same home are not a household, eg Flat mates “companeros de piso”.

Evidence of other benefits. Last three months bank statement.Any other certificate of benefits eg UK pensioners a P60.

If anyone has a disability greater than 65% they should include a resolution letter or disabled card.

Obtaining Copy of Empadronamiento in Benidorm

Obtaining Volante de Empadronamiento from Benidorm.
Most benefit claims need a volante de empadronamiento, generally the historico with all family members listed on it.You can do it online if you have cl@ve at this link.

or making an appointment using this link

NB the volante is free, there may be a charge for a certificado.

Social Bonus, Iberdrola Electricity Discount for people on a low income, or large families

Social Bonus. Iberdrola Electricity Discount for Low Income ( Pensioners, Covid Affected,) Also Large Families ie more than 3 children. The account should be in name of claimant (Titular)

It is easy to apply online or at Iberdrola office. On the first page is a chart showing annual income levels below which you can claim. Also when you start to fill it in you will be shown the monthly limits below which you can apply.

You need to be on the regulated variable tariff, Pvpc not on a special deal except for Dia y Noche.

If you are not supplied by Iberdrola you should enquire with your supplier, but if it is a free market tariff you are on, you can not claim this discount bonus.

(If you are receiving UK pension and Attendance allowance, remember that they are paid 4 weekly so you will have to multiply them by 13 and divide by 12 to get the monthly figure.)

The discount is normally 25% (vulnerable) but can be 40% (severley vulnerable) for people on a very low income.
The income limits vary according to family size and special circumstances.

Special circunstances include single parent, disability more than 33% if you have a disability card from Alicante, or Dependency grade 1 or 2 if you have this on an “Informe de salud para reconocimiento de prestaciones sociales)The latter, an assessment of your disability is done by the nurse and doctor at your Health Centre.

Large Families and Pensioners receiving a Spanish pension can get the 25% discount without proving income, but can claim the 40% discount if they fall below the income limits.

Large families with more than 3 children will need a large family certificate to claim.

Remember British pensioners will have to show income with a P60.

Also if you do not have a libro de familia, you will need to get a certificate of Fe de Vida to show you are alive. You can get these from the local registry office, courts (Juzgado) or justice of peace office (Juzgado de Paz)

Obtaining Volante de Empadronamiento from Benidorm.
Most benefit claims need a volante de empadronamiento, generally the historico with all family members listed on it. You can do it online if you have cl@ve at this link.

or making an appointment for using this link ( also for making appointment for other council services except PROP office)

La Nucia and Al faz de Pi do not require appointments to get volante de empadronamiento from town hall. Neither does Villajoyosa, but you get in from the Casa de Juventud.

You have to renew discount every two years apart from Large Families who renew when their large family certificate runs out. There is a separate link for renewals on the main page.

Help Members Donate a Total of 1,130 euros this month to Food Bank of Benidorm’s British Business Association

People living in Benidorm suffering hardship due to Covid can apply to the Food Bank calling 603 235 744.

Help has donated 500 euros from our central funds, also members have made private donations totalling 630 euros.

This includes 130 euros from Andrea Help President and her two friends Carol and Dot ( the Golden Girls) who celebrated a milestone birthday in December and instead of receiving presents asked people to donate cash instead.

There are many people who now after 9 months of Covid are seeing their unemployment benefits reduced drastically or stopped. You can donate to the Food Bank via Facebook pay with a credit/debit card. Go to Facebook BBBA

Financial Help for Working age people affected by Covid.

Apart from ERTE and Social Security unemployment benefit “paro” there are some other benefits you can apply for, as well as contacting a food bank. Benidorm British Business Association runs a food bank for people of all nationalities living in Benidorm; Telephone 603 235 744.

See our page on Financial Covid Aid

You should make an appointment with your local social worker for council/ayuntamiento help.

In addition you can claim help with your rent from the Generalitat Valenciana

You can claim Ingreso Minimo Vital/ Minimum Living Income if you have lived in Spain for one year.

You will need someone who speaks Spanish to help you apply for these. Help has interpreters that can assist you.

Benidorm Council Emergency Financial Help for People in Hardship Due to Covid

Emergency Aid from Benidorm Council for people in financial difficulties due to Covid. This link is for a one off supplementary payment to help out

in a crisis situation such as you are unable to pay the rent, or you have an unexpected large bill.

You can possibly claim other aid from the council.

If you do not speak Spanish you will need someone who does to help you access the benefits.

You aid from the social workers at your local Bienestar located at your local Social Centre.

These are: for the Central Zone Concejalia Social. C. Pintor Lozano. Telephone +34966800931.

Rincon de Loix/Levante. Centro Social La Torreta. C. Cuidad Real. Tel.+34966803033.

Colonia Madrid/Pueblo Poniente. Centro Social Llorca Linares. C. Goya. Tel. +34965867071

Cala Benidorm. Centro Tanit. l Secretario Juan Antonio Baldovi, 5 , Tel. +34965863005.

Other local councils will have similar schemes.

Contact their social work department/Bienestar Social.

Also GVA has a dedicated number to ring 012 wherever you live in the Valencia Region.

Again you will probably need a Spanish speaker to call for you,

Help with paying the rent for people on low income.

The GVA Housing Rental Aid for 2021 Search “TECE GVA”

Our English translation:

This is for people in economic difficulties, due ERTE, unemployment, self employed and others who have seen their income reduce drastically due to Covid.

You can apply for aid backdated to April 2020, but total is only for six months. Maximum 650 per month.

A single person getting less than 3 times IPREM (about 1500 euros a month can apply, provided the rent plus services bill comes to more than 35% of monthly income.

Limits etc depend on size of household, if there is disabled person etc.

Social Security Aid for working age people on low income

Financial Aid from Social Security, Ingreso Minimo Vital. This benefit is available to anyone of working age with low income who has lived in Spain for a year or more and is signed on at PuntLabora/Sepe as demandante de empleo (looking for work). INGRESO MINIOMO VITAL You can claim if your monthly income falls below a threshold, depending on the number of people in your household. For a single person it is 459 euros a month, for a couple with no children it is about 600 euros a month. Raising to over 1,000 euros a month for couples with 3 children, It is designed to top up your benefit to these levels. It does take months to process.

In theory you can do it on a mobile phone or computer, however it is difficult to upload your Residencia NIE on a phone and some PC/laptop browsers, though it seems to work with Firefox. Other documents can be uploaded later if needed

. There is a simulator to see if you are eligible or you can go straight to the application, either with cl@ve or sin certificado. You can apply even if you are getting paro or other earnings as long as they dont exceed the limit. One application should be made for the whole household. You can other members on the form as long as they have lived in Spain for a year. You should be signed on at Punt Labora. If you have never signed on you should make an appointment for first time clicking on 1a Cita. Otherwise you can do the ALTA online with your NIE and telephone PIN code. If you have forgotten it, you can get it sent to the phone you registered with.

UK Nationals Resident in Spain should apply for new UK EHIC and not the new GHIC

New UK EHIC for health cover in EU. The UK has introduced a new Global Health Insurance Card (GHIC)to replace the EHIC card once it has run out. However this is not available to UK residents of EU countries such as Spain. If you are a Spanish resident and have an S1, E121, E106 or E109 you should apply for the new UK EHIC (not the GHIC) at

New Rules Attendance and Carer’s Allowance

No Change to Exportable Benefits such as Attendance Allowance if you have Spanish Residency before 31st December 2020. People already claiming benefits such as Attendance Allowance and Carer’s Allowance from the UK will see no change in their benefits.

New claims can still be made providing you can prove you were a Spanish Resident before 31st Dec 2020. You will have to send a copy of your residency card.

UK Pensions and health care with S1 continue as before Brexit.

However UK nationals taking out Spanish residency after 31st December will no longer be able to claim Attendance Allowance or Carer’s allowance. Source website. More information at :

Covid-19 Vaccine Roll-out

Covid-19 Vaccine has started in Valencia. People will be contacted in turn by Sanitat and are asked not to contact their health centre. Phase 1 from Jan to March 2021: People in old peoples homes. Health and social care workers. People living at home with Grade 3 disability (65%).Phase 2 from April to June 2021: Other People in High Risk groups. Not so far defined. From July 2021 Phase 3 Other people in High risk group. Not so far defined. Source; in Spanish only. Government site:

Valencia Community Enters Phase 2 on 1st June.

From Monday 1st June 2020 La Comunidad de Valencia enters into Phase 2. (Source Diaro Informacion)People with symptoms of Covid-19 can get a PCR test from their health centre.WHAT YOU CAN DO IN PHASE 2.Most public spaces, including beaches, swimming pools, shops, restaurants, cinemas etc will open but with conditions, in the main limiting them to 30% capacity. Night time bars and discos will remain closed.You can go out for exercise any time except for the hours reserved for over 70’s which are 10-12 and 19-20 hours. 1. Active tourism can take place in groups of up to 20 people by prior appointment.2. Congresses and work meetings can take place and driving schools and academies can open with limitations.3.Beaches can open for bathers keeping a 2 metre distance but local authorities can put their own control measures in place. You can go to any beach.4. Swimming pools are limited to 30% capacity by appointment and showers and changing rooms remain closed.5.Restaurants can open their interiors to 40% capacity, outside terraces remain with 50% capacity and a maximum of 10 people.6.Hotels can open their communal spaces but any group act ivies must be limited to 20 people.7.Cultural centres such as libraries, monuments, cinemas etc can open to 30% capacity.8. Shops and commercial centres can open to 30% capacity but must have priority hours for over 65’s.9.Visits to residents of nursing homes are permitted by appointment.10. Gyms and sports centres can open with 30% capacity.11.Weddings are limited to 100 guests and 50% capacity of venue.12 Churches and places of worship are limited to 50% capacity.13. Funerals. Attendees are limited to 15 indoors and 25 out doors.


Benidorm council is launching a scheme to give people and families who have lost income due to the crisis  a minimum of 200 euros a month for the next three months, This is increased for every member of the family by 50 euros. It is available to people who have been on the Benidorm padron for at least a year and have income less than 1,075 per month for a single person, increased for every extra family member by 0.2 and the income limit is double if their is a disabled person in the household.

Fill in the  application and  bank details form found  at and email them with copies/photos of passport and NIE residencia (both sides) OF ALL FAMILY MEMBERS to or you can take them to the town hall or its sub-offices between 8am and 3pm.

The forms should be filled in in Spanish. It is best to write nothing in English as they may be rejected. If you have Adobe Acrobat Reader or Docuhub you can fill in the form by downloading and saving them and use the edit facility to fill and sign.

For people who are not empadronado including people who have not taken out residencia and may be on cash in hand short term work their only option is foodbanks.

Help has supported the Benidorm’s British Business Associations food bank. They inform us that their flow of donations is starting to dry up so if anyone would like to donate to them please visit their Facebook page


INFORMATION FOR TOURISTS. The Spanish Government has a list of hotels that will stay open for stranded tourists. In Alicante province these are: Alicante Hills, Apartamentos El Plantío Golf Resort. Hotel Goya Alicante.

18th March 2020 Covid-19 Coronavirus update.

Sanitat announced yesterday that there are 304 cases of Covid-19 Coronavirsus in Alicante province. 48 are in hospital with 18 being in ITU (intensive care unit). There are 12 public hospitals in Alicante. This would mean on average each hospital would have 4 cases of Covid-19 with on average 1.5 patients in the ITU. This means the service at present is far from being overrun.

Yesterday the British government also suggested social distancing, advising people to work from home if possible and not to go out to pubs ,restaurants and theatres etc, and for the over 70’s to stay at home. However there will be no legal requirement to do so.

Spanish Government Lock-down Whole Country

Trips away from your usual resident are being severely limited from Monday 16th March.

You are only allowed to leave your normal place of residence to :

1 Go to work

2 Visit the shops that are open or pharmacy or bank.

3 Visit an elderly or disabled person or collect child.

4 Return to your normal place of residence.

Any unjustified movement can be sanctioned with a fine.

There is no mention of going to hospital or GP for non Coronavirus matters. I suppose you should ring up to confirm before going.

I read hairdressers, tobacconists, news kiosks and IT shops will remain open. Presumably to keep morale up “a packet of fags for hubby and a hairdo for the misses”. And so people can keep informed and work from home on their working computer etc.

Vulnerable people are advise to stay indoors as much as possible.

Avoid kisses and hugs etc.

Vulnerable people are:Over 60’s, People who suffer from : High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Heart or Lung Disease, Cancer or Immunodeficiency. Pregnant women

If you can, it would be better to get a fit person to go out and run the errands .

Advice for Vulnerable people

Stay at home. Avoid public transport. if you do go out avoid crowded places where it is not possible to keep a distance of 1 metre between you and other people.

If you are worried that you may be infected with coronavirus Covid-19 you can complete an autotest on the Sanitat website. It is only available in Spanish and Valenciano though.

Medical facilities, to decide according to their situation, whether to cancel non urgent operations, out patient clinics, and diagnostic tests.

They can co-opt private hospitals into the public system . They can take over other building to use as medical facilities.

The government can commandeer public and private businesses to control production .

They will ensure food supply is mainlined.

The right to use the armed forces if needed is an available option.

State of emergency “alarma” to be declared from 14th March 2020 through out Spain

There are three grades of State of Emergency in Spain 1 state of alarm, 2 extraordinary state and 3 state of siege.
The first and less severe state of emergency is being declared from tomorrow.
To find out information about the situation in Spain we suggest you read EL Pais in English.

“The Spanish government announced on Friday that it was implementing a state of alarm for 15 days in a bid to control the spread of the coronavirus pandemic in the country. Speaking during a press conference at around 3.30pm, Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez informed the Spanish public that the Cabinet would meet tomorrow to put the measure into effect, allowing the government to temporarily restrict the movement of citizens. Fundamental rights, however, will not 

be affected.“We are only in the first phase of combatting the virus,” Sánchez said on Friday. “We have some very tough weeks ahead of us. We cannot rule out reaching 10,000 [infections] by next week.”

The Socialist Party leader went on to explain that the state of alarm “would allow for the maximum mobilization of resources against the virus, but victory will depend on each one of us. Heroism also consists of washing your hands and staying at home. We are going to stop the virus with responsibility, and with unity.

“We will overcome this emergency by relying on advice from science and with support from all or the resources of the state,” he continued. “But it is also undeniable that we will manage it sooner, and with the least human, economic and social damage possible if we do it together.”Heroism also consists of washing your hands and staying at home”   from El Pais in EnglishToday the Sanitat stated that there were 119 cases of Covid 1- coronavirus in Valencia Region, 30 of those in Alicante province.
They state routine surgery, non urgent outpatient appointments and diagnostic tests may be cancelled. They may have to commandeer  public and private building to use as medical facilities. ( there has been talk about using the Benidorm hotels but the numbers at present don’t make that seem likely.)
 Most councils have shut public buildings ,schools ,sport centres etc and banned mass event Benidorm is suspending the outdoor markets.

It would seem that the government could use drastic powers to restrict movement of people and shut businesses.

An area of 7,000 residents in Catalonia west of Sitges has been put in lockdown because of a growing spike of cases jumping from 20 to 52 in one day.

All bars and restaurants will be closed throughout Valencia region but home delivery is not affected.

REMEMBER:  FEVER COUGH SHORTNESS OF BREATH .    FIRST CALL SANITAT STAY AT HOME CALL 900 500333 English speaking advisers available.
Wash your hand well when you come back home. Covid-19 Coronavirus doesn’t usually cause runny nose and sore throat so if you have these symptoms you probably have a cold.





Sore throat and runny nose only occur in about 5% of Covid-19 cases.

If you have returned from a high-risk zone (eg Italy) or been in contact with someone who has been confirmed to have the virus also call the number. 

Cover your nose and mouth if you cough. Wash your hands frequently.

Keep your distance from people and avoid unnecessary gatherings,

This is based on advice from Sanitat Valencia Health Service and W.H.O by Dr  Kevin Jackson of Help International Benidorm.

Our numbers are    President 607 387 040     Welfare 607 386 964

UK Passport renew must now be done online or with smartphone.

It is quite easy for people handy with a smartphone. First take a good selfie with plain white background and then type into your browser Renew UK Passport bring up a link to the site.Make sure it is the genuine www. site. It costs 105 euros or free if you are over 90.

UK Passport Renewal at Round Town Travel Avda Dr Severo Ochoa 2, Benidorm
You can get your passport renewed here for 160 euros or 30 euros if you are over 90. They send off your old passport and you will get a new one in the post together with your old passport in separate envelopes delivered by courier. Passport renewal con now only be done online or with smartphone so those not tech savy this is a good option.
Telephone 966 811123. If you do not live in Benidorm ask in a British owned business such as Estate agent etc to see if they will do it for you.

Will exportable benefits like AA continue after Brexit ?

Exporting Disability Living Allowance, Attendance Allowance & Carers Allowance following European Court of Justice ruling C-299/05 of 18th Oct 2007
This may sound like gobbledy-gook but was the ruling of the European Court of Justice that allowed certain benefits including Attendance Allowance to be “exported” from the UK to other EU countries. I can find no information on how these benefits will be affected after the transition period ends on 31st Dec 2020. The UK will no longer be bound by the ECJ after that date. Help has a number of clients on Attendance Allowance, so it is of great interest to them, If anyone has heard anything on this subject, please let us know. (Disability Living Allowance has been replaced by Personal Independence Payment.)

Brexit Transition Period up to 31st Dec. 2020

Help has been receiving enquires about changes occurring after Brexit day which was yesterday. As far as we understand there is going to be very little change until the end of the transition period on 31st December 2020. Please see more details at UK Government site .

UK nationals living in Spain should follow previous advice which is get your residencia sorted and change your driving licence to a Spanish one. You can do this as before up to 31st December 2020. Failure to do this could have unintended consequences such as loss of healthcare rights and your UK pension may not be increased annually.

5th March 2020 AGM Help Benidorm

Held at 11.00 am at Centro Social Jose Llorca, C/ Goya S/N Benidorm.

All members should renew their membership by then in order to attend and vote.

We are still looking for a new treasurer. Please let the president know if you would be interested in this role. All you need is probity, and a basic knowledge of Excel.

Message from British Consul about next day appointments available for Residencia in Alicante City, Oficina de Extranjeria

“Just to remind you that British nationals who live in the Alicante province can get next day residency appointments by selecting the option POLICIA – CERTIFICADO UE (EXCLUSIVAMENTE PARA REINO UNIDO). The local authorities in Alicante inform us that they open up appointments on a daily basis and that there is quite a lot of availability each day. ( Note from Help. It looks like these appointments are only in Alicante City)

A reminder of instructions to book an appointment:

·       Go to the website:

·       Select the province “Alicante” from the drop down menu


·       Follow the steps to confirm the appointment

When you go to your appointment, make sure you bring the correct supporting documentation which is:

·       Proof of income

·       Proof of healthcare cover

·       Your padron

·       Your passport

·       The completed application form EX 18

·       The payment form with proof the payment has been taken”

Remember to take photocopies of all documents. There are two payment forms one for Policia and the other for Oficina de Extranjeria. Make sure you have the correct one for the type of office you are going to or you will have to pay twice.

Click on the office you are going to. Fill in the form online. Print it off and take it to your bank to pay, and take receipts with you for appointment.

Oficina de Extranjeria


Social Service Aid for People with Disability or Chronic Illness Especially Dementia

Help Benidorm is frequently asked to assist people in claiming benefits for people with dementia. The aid available come under the Law of Dependency (La Ley de Dependencia) See our section Social Service Aid

There is a wide amount of help available through the local social services department providing the claimant has been resident in Spain and on the padron for five years.

This can range from home help, meals on wheels, personal carer to a place in a public nursing home or up to 700 euros a month towards cost of care in a private home.

The amount of aid depends on the claimant’s degree of disability, ranging from 1 to 3.

You will need someone who can speak Spanish to negotiate the system. the journey starts at the medical centre were you must ask for a medico-social report. This involves seeing the practise nurse then the doctor. Next you should make an appointment with your local social worker. The medical centre should be able to tell you where to go.

A basic wheelchair and air mattresses (colchon antiescaros) to prevent bedsores may be available on prescription.

See our page on social service aid for more details.

Loss Passport now you can apply online for Emergency Travel Documents


Any British national who needs to travel urgently but doesn´t have a full validity passport (it could be lost, stolen, expired or damaged) has to apply online for an Emergency Travel Document.

If you or anyone else is in that situation, they should apply online at:

They will have to upload their photo, travel booking confirmation and any other documents requested and pay online.

As long as the application has been completed correctly, the customer will get an email within two working days advising them to go and collect the document from their nearest British Consulate.

If you have any vulnerable customers who are finding it difficult to apply online, they can contact the British Consulate on 965 21 60 22.

Who we are, What we do, Where we meet.

We are an English speaking charity without any religious or political affiliations that assists people of all nationalities in times of crisis or ill health in and around Benidorm.

We meet every Thursday at 10.30 am, first for an informal drop-in at the cafe of Centro Social Jose Llorca Linares, C/Goya s/n, Benidorm. Then we have a formal meeting at 11.

There is a car park opposite where the Wednesday market is held. The lower level is for residents’ parking only. The upper level is free for non Benidorm residents or there is metered parking Avenida Foietes. The centre is 400m from the tram station.

If you would like to know more about us and our events please follow the link to our Facebook page or come along on a Thursday morning. New members always welcome

Discount bus pass for over 65’s Tarjeta Oro

You can apply for this at the ayuntamiento. Also online in English at If you are on the Padron you are advised to do it through the town hall to get more benefits. You will need a photo.

For Benidorm council book appointment (Cita Previa) at. Chhose Otro Tramite Sin Registro and choose nearest office.

Astra Zeneca Vaccines manufactured in India not valid on NHS Covid Pass for travel to EU

People vaccinated in the UK travelling to Spain should check their Astra Zeneca Batch Numbers on the NHS Covid Pass. 4120Z001 to 003 are Covishield the AZ vaccine made in India and not recognised by the EU. Although Spain recognises the NHS Covid pass, you would require a negative Covid test PCR or Lateral flow 48 hours before arrival. Source British Medical Journal 10th July

The Spanish Government says the Covid vaccine must be authorized for marketing by the European Medicines Agency and the WHO. Covishield is authorized by the WHO but not the EMU. See

All travellers must complete a Spanish Health form 48 hours before arrival

Also people over 12 years need to present either a vaccine certificate (not batch numbers above) or a certificate of a negative Covid PCR or lateral flow test done 48 hours before travel or a certificate of recovery from Covid. More information at

Covid-19. Masks in Pockets, Vaccine Delay

From 26th June it is no longer compulsory to where a mask outside if you can maintain a social distance of 1.5 metres, except if with household members. You must carry the mask on you in case of entering a building, crowded street or public transport. Masks must still be worn at mass gatherings. Source Boletin Oficial del Estado

In Benidorm the number of positive Covid 19 PCR tests remains relatively high. 50 positive tests in the 2 weeks up to 22nd June 2021. This gives an incidence per 100,000 of about 71, compared to only about 15 in neighbouring Alfaz and Albir. Source GVA Sanitat.

Some people in Marina Baixa have had their appointment for the second dose of the Astra Zeneca vaccine cancelled without been given another appointment.

El Pais on 22nd June reports that there are nationally more than 2 million doses of Astra Zeneca and Janssen vaccines being stored in Spain. Sanidad is not achieving vaccine targets in June. This mainly affects people in their sixties destined to have the Astra Zeneca vaccine. Only about 30% of this group has had 2 doses of the vaccine, while 54% of people in their 50s have completed their vaccination with other vaccines.

Sanidad has decided to vaccinate people from as young as 12.

The Valencian region has the second lowest percentage of the population completely vaccinated against Covid at 31.1%. Only the Baleares fare worse with 30.9 %. The national average is 34.3% and the leader is Asturias with 41.5%. All figures are from 21st June 2021.


For people living in Spain with Spanish public health care provided by an S1 form they should apply for the New EHIC card and not the GHIC which is for UK residents only. You can only apply for this if you were legally resident in Spain (i.e. had a green EU resident card) before 31st Dec 2020. This means you are covered by the withdrawal agreement.

It appears that though the EHIC covers you for urgent care while visiting other EU countries apart from Spain, it does not cover you in the UK. You are always advises by the UK Government to take out additional travel insurance.

The new UK EHIC will cover you for all medically necessary, state-provided healthcare when visiting another EU country, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland, or Liechtenstein.

Below is copied from EHIC website

“If you hold an S1, your EHIC will not cover you in the country you live in or the UK”

Change of Electricity Pricing from 1st June 2021

The government has introduced a three tier pricing system for electricity according to time of day. The aim is to even out usage, making energy generation more efficient.

This will be applied automatically via your smart meter to all people who have their contract with the provider of ultimate recourse (Iberdrola in Alicante).

The low rate is applicable all day during Saturday and Sunday and National Holidays. Other days it is from midnight to 8 am.

The standard rate (llano) is from 08.00 to 10.00, from 14.00 to 18.00 and from 22.00 to midnight.

The highest rate is from 10.00 to 14.00 and from 18.00 to 22.00