After much preparation and help from our old editor Pauline and Geoff the treasurer we have managed to launch the new website. Please note that it has a different address form the old one which is This may prove a bit of a problem as the old name is still on printed material cards, leaflets etc.

The old site will stay around for a year with directions to the new site so people con get used to it. Any comments. Please leave them on the new site or on Facebook. We are always appreciative of polite suggestions to alter or add items.

If you know of any other organisation we could add to our Directory please let us know. We had to change the section from Links in the old site to directory, as the new page has a Google translate button so the webpage can instantly be seen in Spanish or other languages but it translated links to campo de golf.

A big thanks to Pauline for all her hard work editing the old website from England and her input in setting up this one. Kevin Website and Facebook administrator.


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