Discount bus pass for over 65’s Tarjeta Oro

You can apply for this at the ayuntamiento. Also online in English at If you are on the Padron you are advised to do it through the town hall to get more benefits. You will need a photo.

For Benidorm council book appointment (Cita Previa) at. Chhose Otro Tramite Sin Registro and choose nearest office.

Astra Zeneca Vaccines manufactured in India not valid on NHS Covid Pass for travel to EU

People vaccinated in the UK travelling to Spain should check their Astra Zeneca Batch Numbers on the NHS Covid Pass. 4120Z001 to 003 are Covishield the AZ vaccine made in India and not recognised by the EU. Although Spain recognises the NHS Covid pass, you would require a negative Covid test PCR or Lateral flow 48 hours before arrival. Source British Medical Journal 10th July

The Spanish Government says the Covid vaccine must be authorized for marketing by the European Medicines Agency and the WHO. Covishield is authorized by the WHO but not the EMU. See

All travellers must complete a Spanish Health form 48 hours before arrival

Also people over 12 years need to present either a vaccine certificate (not batch numbers above) or a certificate of a negative Covid PCR or lateral flow test done 48 hours before travel or a certificate of recovery from Covid. More information at

Covid-19. Masks in Pockets, Vaccine Delay

From 26th June it is no longer compulsory to where a mask outside if you can maintain a social distance of 1.5 metres, except if with household members. You must carry the mask on you in case of entering a building, crowded street or public transport. Masks must still be worn at mass gatherings. Source Boletin Oficial del Estado

In Benidorm the number of positive Covid 19 PCR tests remains relatively high. 50 positive tests in the 2 weeks up to 22nd June 2021. This gives an incidence per 100,000 of about 71, compared to only about 15 in neighbouring Alfaz and Albir. Source GVA Sanitat.

Some people in Marina Baixa have had their appointment for the second dose of the Astra Zeneca vaccine cancelled without been given another appointment.

El Pais on 22nd June reports that there are nationally more than 2 million doses of Astra Zeneca and Janssen vaccines being stored in Spain. Sanidad is not achieving vaccine targets in June. This mainly affects people in their sixties destined to have the Astra Zeneca vaccine. Only about 30% of this group has had 2 doses of the vaccine, while 54% of people in their 50s have completed their vaccination with other vaccines.

Sanidad has decided to vaccinate people from as young as 12.

The Valencian region has the second lowest percentage of the population completely vaccinated against Covid at 31.1%. Only the Baleares fare worse with 30.9 %. The national average is 34.3% and the leader is Asturias with 41.5%. All figures are from 21st June 2021.


For people living in Spain with Spanish public health care provided by an S1 form they should apply for the New EHIC card and not the GHIC which is for UK residents only. You can only apply for this if you were legally resident in Spain (i.e. had a green EU resident card) before 31st Dec 2020. This means you are covered by the withdrawal agreement.

It appears that though the EHIC covers you for urgent care while visiting other EU countries apart from Spain, it does not cover you in the UK. You are always advises by the UK Government to take out additional travel insurance.

The new UK EHIC will cover you for all medically necessary, state-provided healthcare when visiting another EU country, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland, or Liechtenstein.

Below is copied from EHIC website

“If you hold an S1, your EHIC will not cover you in the country you live in or the UK”

Change of Electricity Pricing from 1st June 2021

The government has introduced a three tier pricing system for electricity according to time of day. The aim is to even out usage, making energy generation more efficient.

This will be applied automatically via your smart meter to all people who have their contract with the provider of ultimate recourse (Iberdrola in Alicante).

The low rate is applicable all day during Saturday and Sunday and National Holidays. Other days it is from midnight to 8 am.

The standard rate (llano) is from 08.00 to 10.00, from 14.00 to 18.00 and from 22.00 to midnight.

The highest rate is from 10.00 to 14.00 and from 18.00 to 22.00

How to download your EU Covid Vaccine Certificate with QR Code

On a computer go to:

Once you have filled in your details you can print it off or save it by clicking Imprimir/print and then Save to PDF.

You can either print it off or email it to yourself, open email on your phone and download the PDF to phone memory. It is easier to do on a computer than on a smartphone. You may have difficulty opening file on a smartphone. Make sure you have an app to read PDF such as Adobe Acrobat. If not download from App store.

On an Android smartphone download the GVA Coronavirus App. (With iPhones you may get a security notice forbidding you to proceed)

1. Enter your SIP number and date of birth.

2. You will be asked if you want to protect it with a code. You can press Ahora no/Not now.

3. At the bottom press info. (Cita is if you have Covid symptoms).

4. Halfway down left, select web vacunacion.

5 .Choose Certificado Covid UE, then again Solicitar Certificado Covid EU. Then choose Certificado de Vacunacion. (There are other options for non-vaccinated, see below)

6. Enter your SIP, Date of Birth and date of issue of SIP card. This is shown on your SIP card under data d’emissio mm/yy. Then introduce security letters shown.

7. It will show last 3 digits of you mobile number. If correct press Enviar SMS. If incorrect select Modificar Datos de Contacto. ( You can only do this if you have digital signature Cl@ve) If you don’t have cl@ve you will have to correct your phone number at your health centre,

8. You will get a code sent by text message to your phone. Enter it and press Consultar.

9. It will then allow you to download a PDF certificate to your phone. It will appear on your phone under downloads or files according to your type of phone. You need PDF reader to open it, see above.

You can get a certificate after having had only one dose of a two vaccine course,

If you have not had Covid vaccine you can get two other types of certificate.

Certificate of having had PCR test in last 72 hours or having had Anitgen test (eg lateral Flow) in last 48 hours.

Or Certificate of having had Covid Infection in last year. This becomes valid 11 days after having a positive PCR test.


There may be available appointments in Benidorm at Calle Callosa de’n Sarria 2 ( Near Clinica Benidorm) for UK nationals wishing to swap the green EU residents cards for TIE cards, bu they may be fully booked. However there are currently (11th June )appointments for following week at C. Ebanistería in Alicante.

For more information see our page TIE and Residencia

TIE are foreigners registration cards for non EU passport holders resident in Spain.
Use this link to get an appointment.

Choose province first, Alicante, then Policia Nacional and NOT Extranjería.

Leave Offina as cualquiera officina ( any office).In the dropdown menu choose the option ending in Brexit. You can choose between Benidorm, Alicante and other locations as they become available.

You need passport, padron cert, and old green EU card. If you have lost it, you should go to the National Police and make a denuncia and get a letter. In Benidorm you can go to the English speaking tourist police office SATE, Ave. Derramador corner of Calle Gerona opposite Hotel Flash.

You need originals and a copy. Also a passport photo.
You must bring EX23 form completed
as well as payment form 790  Tick this option; “Certificado de registro de residente comunitario o Tarjeta de residencia de familiar de un ciudadano de la Unión”. Take it to the bank to pay the fee of 12 euros.

Update Contact Details with Sanitat to Receive Covid Vaccine Appointment

You should update your contact details (telephone and email) to make sure Sanitat can contact you when it is your turn for a vaccine.You need SIP Card Number, Date of Birth, and Date of Issue and typing in the Security Code. Validate the data then input your phone numbers (Spanish phone numbers only) and email address. Then press ENVIAR. You will get a message back to say it has been done correctly. NB Sanitat recommends you use updated browsers of Microsoft Edge, Safari, or Firefox to avoid problems.

If you can not do it online you can do it at the reception of your health centre.