There is a very simple App available to book non-urgent doctors appointments

It is called GVA +Salut. and is available on Google Play store free

It is only available in Spanish and Valenciano but is very easy to use.

You will have to protect it with a PIN. Then you can add up to 4 users. All you need to do is put in the last 7 numbers of the SIP and date of birth dd/mm/yyyy.

Then click on Solicitar Nueva Cita. Request New Appointment. It will give you dates available for your doctor or nurse and you click on the time you want and confirm.

The nurse appointments may not be suitable for procedures such as injections and dressings and blood tests.

You can see upcoming appointments and cancel them if you need to.

You no longer need to collect your prescription within 10 days of the date on the calendar, as the calendar system has been abolished. Any medication can be picked up from 2 weeks before the due date up until the end of the prescribed period.