Jack and his mates decided to have a 3-day holiday in Benidorm. Jack has Type 1 Diabetes and what he didn’t anticipate was that his personal possessions would mysteriously disappear and he would collapse due to hypoglycemic encephalopathy and end up on ICU due to prolonged hypoglycemiae; in a coma, relying on breathing and feeding tubes to keep him alive, with possible brain damage. Jack did not declare his pre-existing condition on his insurance and for that, is paying the ultimate price. Jacks’ mum and dad have been with him every single day since it happened and now just want to take their son home and get him into Neuro rehab.

Jack’s parents organised a massive fund raising campaign to pay for an air ambulance back to the UK. The cost was over 25,000 euros. Help Benidorm was able to arrange a grant from The British Benevelont Fund in Madrid to cover part of the cost.

Jack returned to the UK and is making good progress in a rehabilitation unit in a Staffordshire hospital.