Help Benidorm gets requests from homeless people but there is little we can do for them except refer them to Project4All. Help according to its statues can not help peole with cash handouts, therfore we donate our excess income from donations to other local charities which assist people.

Accepting the donation is the co-founder Arne Soeten and Richard Saville (treasurer). Part of the donation was given by the British Benevolent Fund Spain. The Project strives to help the vulnerable in our society. This incredible charity; with its women’s refuge still running successfully as well as a newly established men’s house that offers support to allow people to get back on their feet and resume employment, needs constant funding. The ethos of the Project is about ‘making a change’. If you would like to be part of that change, visit the website and check out the new scheme to become a member for 10€ a month. Presenting the cheque are two of our valued and hardworking volunteers Christine Lathouders and Gerard Visser