Social Service Aid for People with Disability or Chronic Illness Especially Dementia

Help Benidorm is frequently asked to assist people in claiming benefits for people with dementia. The aid available come under the Law of Dependency (La Ley de Dependencia) See our section Social Service Aid

There is a wide amount of help available through the local social services department providing the claimant has been resident in Spain and on the padron for five years.

This can range from home help, meals on wheels, personal carer to a place in a public nursing home or up to 700 euros a month towards cost of care in a private home.

The amount of aid depends on the claimant’s degree of disability, ranging from 1 to 3.

You will need someone who can speak Spanish to negotiate the system. the journey starts at the medical centre were you must ask for a medico-social report. This involves seeing the practise nurse then the doctor. Next you should make an appointment with your local social worker. The medical centre should be able to tell you where to go.

A basic wheelchair and air mattresses (colchon antiescaros) to prevent bedsores may be available on prescription.

See our page on social service aid for more details.

Advise from British Consulate about preparing for Brexit

This may be the last chance to exchange your UK driving license to a Spanish one in case of a hard Brexit on 31st October 2019. A UK license would probably not be valid for Spanish residents and non-residents may require an international driving license which is easily available for instant issue at designated British Post Offices.

Also British residents in Spain should ensure they have their health provision sorted out. Either by obtaining a SIP card for pensioners or for people under pension age applying to the Generalitat de Valencia for public health cover by paying a monthly contribution under the special convention. This is a cheaper alternative to private health cover.

Also all residents should be on the Padron with their local council. This gives proof that they have lived in the area. For benefits under the Law of Dependency which covers social care (home care,places in government funded nursing homes etc.) foreign residents must be able to prove they have lived in Spain for 5 years to be eligible.

Help meetings restart on 5th September at 10.30 am.

We will start to hold meetings again after the summer break next week. In September we will be having a tapas lunch in a nearby restaurant after one of the meetings. Also we have planned to organise a course of Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation provided by the Spanish Red Cross. Further details of both meetings will be published soon.

Also in October there is the trip to Ibiza which is fully booked. We hope everyone has had a good summer break and we look forward to seeing you all again.

Loss Passport now you can apply online for Emergency Travel Documents


Any British national who needs to travel urgently but doesn´t have a full validity passport (it could be lost, stolen, expired or damaged) has to apply online for an Emergency Travel Document.

If you or anyone else is in that situation, they should apply online at:

They will have to upload their photo, travel booking confirmation and any other documents requested and pay online.

As long as the application has been completed correctly, the customer will get an email within two working days advising them to go and collect the document from their nearest British Consulate.

If you have any vulnerable customers who are finding it difficult to apply online, they can contact the British Consulate on 965 21 60 22.