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Spanish Classes for Foreigners in September

Benidorm Council is starting enrolment for Spanish Classes held in the Adult Education Centre, Plaza Canalejas, Edificio Torreja 2nd floor. There are classes at 3 levels, from beginners A1, A2 to GSCE level B1. They start mid September. Enrolment is in the Town Hall, education department 3rd floor and is from 1st to 14th September. There are discounts for people on the Benidorm padrón. Application form and direct debit form can be downloaded from the website.

Discount bus pass for over 65’s Tarjeta Oro

You can apply for this at the ayuntamiento. Also online in English at If you are on the Padron you are advised to do it through the town hall to get more benefits. You will need a photo.

For Benidorm council book appointment (Cita Previa) at. Chhose Otro Tramite Sin Registro and choose nearest office.