How to download your Justificante/Confirmation of having had the Covid Vaccine.

On a computer go to:

Once you have filled in your details you can print it off or save it by clicking Imprimir/print and then Save to PDF.

You can either print it off or email it to yourself, open email on your phone and download the PDF to phone memory. It is easier to do on a computer than on a smartphone.

On a smartphone download the GVA Coronavirus App. (With iPhones you may get a security notice forbidding you to proceed)

1. Enter you SIP number and date of birth.

2. You will be asked if you want to protect it with a code. You can press Ahora no/Not now.

3. At the bottom press info. (Cita is if you have Covid symptoms).

4. Halfway down left, select web vacunacion.

5 .Choose Justificante Vacunal Covid-19.

6. Enter your SIP, Date of Birth and date of issue of SIP card. This is shown on your SIP card under data d’emissio mm/yy. Then introduce security letters shown.

7. It will show last 3 digits of you mobile number. If correct press Enviar SMS. If incorrect select Modificar Datos de Contacto. ( You can only do this if you have digital signature Cl@ve)

8. You will get a code sent by text message to your phone. Enter it and press Consultar.

9. You will get the justificante/confirmation of vaccine. Press Imprimir/Print upper right.

10. It will then allow you to save it as a PDF to your phone. Make sure you have pressed SAVE. It will appear on your phone under downloads or files according to your type of phone.

After your second dose you will get both doses recorded on one statement.

Appointments in Benidorm for TIE for UK Nationals

There are appointments in Benidorm at Calle Callosa de’n Sarria 2 ( Near Clinica Benidorm) from 5th May for UK nationals wishing to swap the green EU residents cards for TIE cards.

TIE are foreigners registration cards for non EU passport holders resident in Spain.
Use this link to get an appointment.

It is worth making the appointment quickly or keep looking for new slots to become available.

Choose province first, Alicante, then Policia National. In the dropdown menu choose the option ending in Brexit. You can choose between Benidorm, Alicante and other locations as they become available.
You need passport, padron cert, and old green EU card. If you have lost it, you should go to the National Police and make a denuncia and get a letter. You need originals and a copy. Also a passport photo.
You must bring EX23 form completed
as well as payment form 790  Tick this option; “Certificado de registro de residente comunitario o Tarjeta de residencia de familiar de un ciudadano de la Unión”. Take it to the bank to pay the fee.

Update Contact Details with Sanitat to Receive Covid Vaccine Appointment

You should update your contact details (telephone and email) to make sure Sanitat can contact you when it is your turn for a vaccine. You can do it online.With SIP Card Number, Date of Birth, and Date of Issue and typing in the Security Code. Validate the data then input your phone numbers (Spanish phone numbers only) and email address. Then press ENVIAR. You will get a message back to say it has been done correctly. NB Sanitat recommends you use updated browsers of Microsoft Edge, Safari, or Firefox to avoid problems.

Benidorm Council has announced a new benefit from 13th Feb for people financially affected by Covid. 3 months aid from 200 to 350 per month.

Apply at :

At the bottom of the above page are the application form and bank details form that you must download and fill in.

Or if you can not do it online you can make an appointment at one of the councils administrative extension offices at: and bring the two forms and documents required with you.

The aid is for 3 months and starts at 200 euros a month to 350 euros, depending on family size. It is available for people who have an income less than 1129,86 a month with increased threshold according to circumstances.
To claim you can not be receiving other benefits: eg PEI, IMV, rent aid from GVA. You must have been on the Benidorm Padron since 31st Dec 2020.
Your income must have been reduced because of unemployment, ERTE, reduced hours or if autonomo to have ceased trading from any period from March 2020 up to date of claim.
If you go to the webpage, at the bottom you must download and fill and sign application and bank detail form, then go to the top of page and Click Iniciar to do the claim online. There is a list of documents to attach. You should attach all of them that is relevant to you. If you cant do it online, fill in the two forms and take them with all relevant documents to an appointment at the council office.

On the online form you should only write in Spanish. egExpone. Estoy en paro, recibo 350 euros al mes.Solicito La Ayuda de Familia.

You have to upload or take with you to the appointment the following documents:

Application form and Bank detail form.

DNI or NIE or Passport of all household members.

Vida Laboral Informe/ Employment history from Social Security. Choose option SMS to use you Telephone PIN.

A certificate of Benefits from SEPE.

Or a letter from your employer stating the amount of ERTE you get.

Proof of family unit eg Libro de Family,

or put explanation why people empadronado in the same home are not a household, eg Flat mates “companeros de piso”.

Evidence of other benefits. Last three months bank statement.Any other certificate of benefits eg UK pensioners a P60.

If anyone has a disability greater than 65% they should include a resolution letter or disabled card.

Obtaining Copy of Empadronamiento in Benidorm

Obtaining Volante de Empadronamiento from Benidorm.
Most benefit claims need a volante de empadronamiento, generally the historico with all family members listed on it.You can do it online if you have cl@ve at this link.

or making an appointment using this link

NB the volante is free, there may be a charge for a certificado.

Social Bonus, Iberdrola Electricity Discount for people on a low income, or large families

Social Bonus. Iberdrola Electricity Discount for Low Income ( Pensioners, Covid Affected,) Also Large Families ie more than 3 children. The account should be in name of claimant (Titular)

It is easy to apply online or at Iberdrola office. On the first page is a chart showing annual income levels below which you can claim. Also when you start to fill it in you will be shown the monthly limits below which you can apply.

You need to be on the regulated variable tariff, Pvpc not on a special deal except for Dia y Noche.

If you are not supplied by Iberdrola you should enquire with your supplier, but if it is a free market tariff you are on, you can not claim this discount bonus.

(If you are receiving UK pension and Attendance allowance, remember that they are paid 4 weekly so you will have to multiply them by 13 and divide by 12 to get the monthly figure.)

The discount is normally 25% (vulnerable) but can be 40% (severley vulnerable) for people on a very low income.
The income limits vary according to family size and special circumstances.

Special circunstances include single parent, disability more than 33% if you have a disability card from Alicante, or Dependency grade 1 or 2 if you have this on an “Informe de salud para reconocimiento de prestaciones sociales)The latter, an assessment of your disability is done by the nurse and doctor at your Health Centre.

Large Families and Pensioners receiving a Spanish pension can get the 25% discount without proving income, but can claim the 40% discount if they fall below the income limits.

Large families with more than 3 children will need a large family certificate to claim.

Remember British pensioners will have to show income with a P60.

Also if you do not have a libro de familia, you will need to get a certificate of Fe de Vida to show you are alive. You can get these from the local registry office, courts (Juzgado) or justice of peace office (Juzgado de Paz)

Obtaining Volante de Empadronamiento from Benidorm.
Most benefit claims need a volante de empadronamiento, generally the historico with all family members listed on it. You can do it online if you have cl@ve at this link.

or making an appointment for using this link ( also for making appointment for other council services except PROP office)

La Nucia and Al faz de Pi do not require appointments to get volante de empadronamiento from town hall. Neither does Villajoyosa, but you get in from the Casa de Juventud.

You have to renew discount every two years apart from Large Families who renew when their large family certificate runs out. There is a separate link for renewals on the main page.

Help Members Donate a Total of 1,130 euros this month to Food Bank of Benidorm’s British Business Association

People living in Benidorm suffering hardship due to Covid can apply to the Food Bank calling 603 235 744.

Help has donated 500 euros from our central funds, also members have made private donations totalling 630 euros.

This includes 130 euros from Andrea Help President and her two friends Carol and Dot ( the Golden Girls) who celebrated a milestone birthday in December and instead of receiving presents asked people to donate cash instead.

There are many people who now after 9 months of Covid are seeing their unemployment benefits reduced drastically or stopped. You can donate to the Food Bank via Facebook pay with a credit/debit card. Go to Facebook BBBA

Financial Help for Working age people affected by Covid.

Apart from ERTE and Social Security unemployment benefit “paro” there are some other benefits you can apply for, as well as contacting a food bank. Benidorm British Business Association runs a food bank for people of all nationalities living in Benidorm; Telephone 603 235 744.

See our page on Financial Covid Aid

You should make an appointment with your local social worker for council/ayuntamiento help.

In addition you can claim help with your rent from the Generalitat Valenciana

You can claim Ingreso Minimo Vital/ Minimum Living Income if you have lived in Spain for one year.

You will need someone who speaks Spanish to help you apply for these. Help has interpreters that can assist you.