Make appointment with your GP or Practice Nurse online.

Help intepreters often get asked to ring for to make a Health Centre appointment for someone. Which is annoying as the phone is often engaged.

Now you can do it yourself online without any authorisation codes etc at Click this link then,

click the red icon. Insert you SIP Number and date of birth. Follow the green arrows at bottom of screen until you reach Confirmar. You can choose presencial or telephone appointments and also date and time of appointment.

If you need an urgent same day appointment you still may need to ring or make appointment in person if none are available online.

Jean Barber treasured member of Help Benidorm

We are so very sorry to hear the heart breaking news that one of our loyal members Jean, has sadly passed away. She has been part of the fabric of HELP for so many years and was loved and respected by all. She had such a bright and appealing outlook, as well as a great sense of humour. Jean worked tirelessly keeping the ‘Euro Boutique’ up and running at our weekly meetings, raising funds for HELP. She was such a caring soul who loved to socialise with friends and colleagues alike and always looked so elegant. It is with a heavy heart that we will say goodbye to Jean on Monday (16th) at 12,30 at the Tanatoria Crematorium Marina Baixa ( Villajoasa Crematorium).

Rest in Peace our gorgeous Jean

Jean Barber 01.03.1936 – 10.10.2023

Help Get Jack Home. The Campaign to raise funds for air ambulance was successful. Jack is now back in the UK

Jack and his mates decided to have a 3-day holiday in Benidorm. Jack has Type 1 Diabetes and what he didn’t anticipate was that his personal possessions would mysteriously disappear and he would collapse due to Hypoglycemic encephalopathy and end up on ICU due to prolonged hypoglycemiae; in a coma, relying on breathing and feeding tubes to keep him alive, with possible brain damage. Jack did not declare his pre-existing condition on his insurance and for that, is paying the ultimate price. This could happen to anyone , so lets not be quick to judge please. I’m sure if Jack were reading this, he would agree on how reckless his actions have been but unfortunately, he is unable to because he is incapable. Jacks’ mum and dad have been with him every single day since it happened and now just want to take their son home and get him into Neuro rehab. I have met with them and felt their despair, fear, & desperation. The Euro Weekly Newspaper and the British Benevolent Fund Spain are in full support to do what is best for Jack. Please, please…….anybody reading this….. press the link and donate (even the smallest amount) to get this poor lad home.

Jack returned to the UK and is making good progress in a rehabilitation unit in a Staffordshire hospital.


Do you have C.O.P.D or similar related conditions and rely on an 02 Oxygenator, preventing you from booking holidays ?

HELP Benidorm can loan you, free of charge, a Respironics Everflow continuous oxygen concentrator for the duration of your holiday. We request a returnable deposit of 150€. We ask for proof of prescription by a registered Doctor. As a charity we receive no funding but rely solely on donations. Contact us via Facebook (HELP International). contact us on +34 607 387 040, or email us at or fill in our CONTACT FORM


Could you give some of your time to help people in time of need or who have become vulnerable? We are a small group who meet every Thursday morning (10.30 am) at the community centre up near the tram station (Centro Social José Llorca Linares C/ de Goya, s/n, 03502 Benidorm). It is helpful if you have a car and can speak Spanish (but in no way is this an essential requirement). We are a happy bunch who fully support each other. Check us out to find out what we do and consider if its something that you could be involved with…..on Facebook (HELP International). Visit our website Or contact us on 607 387 040


HELP International were more than happy to give another contribution to Project 4 All. Accepting the donation is Jonny Hellraizer (Jonny Elraiz) and Jo Hollingworth (middle); two of the exceptional volunteers who ensure that the homeless and vulnerable people in and around the Benidorm area, are looked after. The aim of the charity is to get out and about with regular food runs, as well as equipping people with (winter) supplies ( sleeping bags / clothes etc).

The charity needs constantly funding for it to continue its amazing work. Check out their Facebook page if you want to make a donation.

Presenting the cheque are HELP volunteers; Jennifer Illston (left) newly elected Secretary and Linda Booth (right); Membership Co-ordinator.

Discount bus pass for over 65’s Tarjeta Oro

You can apply for this at the ayuntamiento. Also online in English at If you are on the Padron you are advised to do it through the town hall to get more benefits. You will need a photo.

For Benidorm council book appointment (Cita Previa) at. Chhose Otro Tramite Sin Registro and choose nearest office.