UK Nationals Resident in Spain should apply for new UK EHIC and not the new GHIC

New UK EHIC for health cover in EU. The UK has introduced a new Global Health Insurance Card (GHIC)to replace the EHIC card once it has run out. However this is not available to UK residents of EU countries such as Spain. If you are a Spanish resident and have an S1, E121, E106 or E109 you should apply for the new UK EHIC (not the GHIC) at

New Rules Attendance and Carer’s Allowance

No Change to Exportable Benefits such as Attendance Allowance if you have Spanish Residency before 31st December 2020. People already claiming benefits such as Attendance Allowance and Carer’s Allowance from the UK will see no change in their benefits.

New claims can still be made providing you can prove you were a Spanish Resident before 31st Dec 2020. You will have to send a copy of your residency card.

UK Pensions and health care with S1 continue as before Brexit.

However UK nationals taking out Spanish residency after 31st December will no longer be able to claim Attendance Allowance or Carer’s allowance. Source website. More information at :

Covid-19 Vaccine Roll-out

Covid-19 Vaccine has started in Valencia. People will be contacted in turn by Sanitat and are asked not to contact their health centre. Phase 1 from Jan to March 2021: People in old peoples homes. Health and social care workers. People living at home with Grade 3 disability (65%).Phase 2 from April to June 2021: Other People in High Risk groups. Not so far defined. From July 2021 Phase 3 Other people in High risk group. Not so far defined. Source; in Spanish only. Government site:

Covid-19 Control Measures 7th till 31st Jan 2021

New Covid confinement measures for Valencia Region. From 7th till 31st January 2021:Land movement in and out of Valencia Region not permitted.Curfew 10pm. Bars and restaurants to close at 5pm.Maximum 4 people per table. No smoking on the terrace.Shops limited to 30% capacity.Reunions of family and friends limited to 6 people at home or outdoors. (Except if from same household). Several towns have been put in total lockdown. In Alicante province these are Polop, Alcoy and Castella. These have had a very high incidence of Covid in the last week. Benidorm had had a stable incidence of positive Covid tests at quite a low level until December but that has doubled in December. Source Sanitat Valencia

New Christmas and New Year Covid Measures

Due to a 27% increase in Covid-19 incidence this week, Sanitat Valencia has reversed the freedoms for Christmas and New Year. As from Monday 21st December reunions of family and friends whether at home or outside will be limited to six people consisting of people from a maximum of two households. The curfew will be reduced to 11pm except for 24th and 31st December when it will be midnight. The borders of Valencia region will be closed except for people returning to their place of residence. Source Twitter account GVA Sanitat.

Covid Christmas Restrictions

Sanitat Valencia has announced that it will permit family reunions of up to 10 people on 24,25 & 26 of Dec and 1,5 & 6 of Jan 2021 and the curfew on those days will be 1.00 hours. This does not include reunions with friends which will continue to be limited to 6.

Source; ” Información” newspaper.

COVID 19 Update, dealing with Second Wave

As taken from website of Sanitat Valencia.Until 9th Dec. Curfew from midnight to 6.00am. Meetings of family or friends whether in private or public must be limited to 6 people unless they all live together.

Symptoms of Covid. If you have ONE of the following symptoms; a new cough, shortness of breath, sore throat or fever more than 37.5, you should register for a Covid test at…It is in Spanish, you do not need a SIP number. or you can phone 900 300 555. If you have problems with language, especially if you are concerned you can ring the emergency number 112 as they should have multilingual operators available.

Residency Talk Thursday 26th November 10.00 Benidorm Town Hall


Babelia has received a grant from UK government to help people with their residency in relation to Brexit which will now change to TIE Foreign Resident’s Card, instead of the green EU residency.

UK Nationals are advised to get the TIE, but if you have permanent residency with the green EU residency card it is not compulsory but may help in facilitating travel back to Spain and accessing certain Spanish benefits.